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 SHe wants revenge on french magazine!!! GREATTTTTTTTTT

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PostSubject: SHe wants revenge on french magazine!!! GREATTTTTTTTTT   Wed 12 Jul - 13:50

Hey you guys!!! How are you???

So, what was my surprise today??? at the newsagent???

An article of SHE WANTS REVENGE on the french magazine "Rock Mag"

So here is the article... I made a traduction of it... hope you'll understand everything!!!

Here we go:

*** She wants revenge ***

Knowned by people after the duet Spite and Malice with Brian Molko, Justin Warfield called his buddy Adam 12 and they formed SHE WANTS REVENGE.

Rock Mag: You say that you were influcenced by Purple Rain from Prince and The Queen is dead from The Smiths, you start hip-hop and we approached the music of She wants revenge with the music of Joy Division and Depeche Mode
How can you explain this mixity (hope you'll understand :lol!)

Justin Warfield: Are you listening only one type of music???
Hip-hop is just the first thing that I've tried, it's not a question that I prefer hip-hop or not. Someone liked what I've done and proposed to go for it. But I didn't thought it'll be serious. It was an "accident". I've always wanted to make an album with a rock band. In fact I'm not worried about people think about what I do. There's no difference.
Music is music whaterver the type of music. It's just hard to do it well. It takes time.

Rock Mag: I know that you don't like to be put "in a box" but you understand that we can't deny the fact that when we're listening your music, it reminds a lot Joy Divison

Justin Warfield: We love Joy Divison but we're more fan of New Order or The Cure and The Smiths and Depeche Mode.
My favorit album is Violator and Music for the Masses from Depeche Mode, and Unknown Pleasures from Joy Division

Adam 12: My favorite album is Some Great reward from Depeche Mode.
We love the same bands but not the same albums.

Rock Mag: Even the titles of your songs, reminds Joy Division

Justin Warfield: It was'nt out wish. It's a journalist thing. Tear us apart is a expression. As the song Out of control, She lost control! is a song from The Chemical Brothers But we didn't wanted to do the same thing.

Rock Mag: The expression 80's revival bother you???

Justin Warfield: No, everyone has his music. It's just that we are open to everyting.
We've grew up in the 80's so... of course it's an big influence for us.

Rock Mag: How did you meet each other???

Justin Warfiled: We're coming from the same neighbourhood and I was DJ and we meet up at a friend's party. We knew the same people but we really found ourselves three years ago. We start to go out on party together and we became friends.

Rock Mag: We you were together, did you had the idea to form a band???

Adam Barvin: No we just wanted to see where we'd be abble to go. We just thought that if we built something togerther, it'd be a special thing.

Rock Mag: Then you sign with Fred Dust.

Justin Warfield: A friend of us worked with him and he gave him two songs of us. Then Fred contacted us and told us that he understood our music and that he wanted to make our album. Then we talk each other for few days and at the end he gave us the control of what we wanted to do. He just came once at the studio.

Rock Mag: Fred Dust, Limp Bizkit it's two different world???

Justin Warfield: Yes, but we're doing music to learn about ourselves. You're not doing interview during all your life, you're gonna do other things... it's the same for us. We're doing what we like, our music is what we like. Fred enjoyed our music, we've signed up with him. The fact that he's doing "metal hip-hop" or other thing don't change anything.

Rock Mag: In a world of "rock" we also knew you for the duet that you've made with
Placebo on the Black Market Music album.

Justin Warfield: I met them when their first album came out. We all lived in London. We've became friends and we still do. They had this different song Spite and Malice and they searched someone with a different voice to sing with.
They asked me to be their guest.

Rock Mag: And about future, with who would you like to work with???

Justin Warfield: We'd love to work with Martin Gore, if he could come and things on our next album.

Sources: Rock Mag. Interview François Bertiner. Juillet 2006.
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PostSubject: Re: SHe wants revenge on french magazine!!! GREATTTTTTTTTT   Wed 12 Jul - 21:24

very cool! thanks for that Smile
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PostSubject: Re: SHe wants revenge on french magazine!!! GREATTTTTTTTTT   Thu 13 Jul - 15:01

I love it when Justin makes smart remarks and good comebacks.. you can tell sometimes hes slightly annoyed, hes a champ
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PostSubject: Re: SHe wants revenge on french magazine!!! GREATTTTTTTTTT   Sun 16 Jul - 5:32

thanks Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: SHe wants revenge on french magazine!!! GREATTTTTTTTTT   

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SHe wants revenge on french magazine!!! GREATTTTTTTTTT
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